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All Chemical Dependency Counselors and Prevention Professionals are governed by a code of ethics specific to their practice in the field. It is the Chemical Dependency Professionals Board's responsibility to ensure that these professionals are complying with and abiding by these ethical practices.

To view the Codes of Ethics, please click on the below links:

Chemical Dependency Code of Ethics
Prevention Code of Ethics
Clinical Supervisor Code of Ethics


The Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board is authorized under Ohio Revised Code to issue sanctions against individuals who violate the code of ethics. These sanctions include a Written Reprimand, Suspension or Revocation.

To determine if an individual has received an ethical sanction please visit the credential verification link below. If an individual has an ethical sanction there will be a "YES" in the "Discipline Action" box.

Credential Verification

For further details regarding any sanction issued, please contact our office at 614-387-1110 or email us.


Individuals wishing to report an ethical violation to the Board may do so by completing an ethics complaint form and submitting it to the Board office vial mail or fax.

Ethics Complaint Form

Ethics Complaints are reviewed and processed by the Board's Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is comprised of four board members and board staff. When processing ethics complaints, the Ethics Committee adheres to the practices outlined in the Disciplinary Action Rule.

Certified or Licensed individual's who have an ethical complaint filed against them will be notified by the Board and granted an opportunity to respond to this complaint. If the Board determines that there has been a violation and decides to seek action against the individual, the individual is given an opportunity to request a hearing in this matter. This process is outlined in the Disciplinary Action Rule.

Disciplinary Action Rule
Ethics Complaint Response Form


Individual's wishing to report the impairment of a certified or licensed individual may do so by submitting a written statement to the board or by completing an ethics complaint form. The Board investigates and processes impairment cases by adhering to the Impairment Rule.

Impairment Rule