Continuing Education

Continuing Education:  Applicants applying for a Treatment credential must complete courses that are approved by the Board’s CEU approval process or another authorized entity. The education provider must reference the approval body on the CE certificates.  College or University courses may also be used to meet the education requirements but do not need to be pre-approved by the Board or another authorized entity. 


SEARCH for courses approved by the Board using CEBroker.

Make sure you Click the FIND COURSES button and select whether you are looking for Self-Paced or Live Courses. Courses can be searched by type, subject, course name, educational provider, location and/or date of course. Search results will link you directly with the educational provider for registration information.


The Board approves continuing education which covers Treatment CONTENT AREAS and Prevention CONTENT AREAS required for certification, licensure or renewal of a Board credential.

For licensees/certificate holders:

Treatment licensees/certificate holders must complete a course that is approved by the Board or another authorized entity.   College or University courses are not considered continiuing education for these purposes and do not need to be preapproved by the Board.

For education providers:

Entities who provide educational offerings may apply to have these offerings approved by the Board. Approval with the Board guarantees that the offering can be used by individuals applying for or renewing a credential with the Board.

Course by Course Approval (Sponsor) -

Entities seeking single course approval can submit an APPLICATION in CEBroker. An entity profile will need to be established before course applications can be submitted. The Board assesses a fee of $5.00 per hour of education up to a maximum of $60 per training. Education can be submitted in quarter hour increments and sponsor approvals are valid for the calendar year.


CD specific education content areas 
Prevention Education Content Area

Annual/Biennial Approval of Unlimited Courses (Provider)

Entities who have sponsored fifty (50) hours of approved education with the Board may APPLY for an annual or biennial provider status. Once approved, provider status grants the entity the ability to independently approve courses they offer for a one year or two year time frame. Providers are required to load their approved courses into CEBroker and the Board will monitor their offerings.

Providers may RENEW their one or two year status up to 3 months prior to their expiration date.


CD specific education content areas
Prevention Education Content Area