Completing The Examination Process



Step One

File an Application for licensure/certification and have this application approved. The Board will email you once approved.

Step Two

Once applications are approved by the OCDP Reviewer, an exam candidate report is forwarded to IC&RC within 10-14 business days.  IC&RC then sends out Exam Pre-Registration e-mails to candidates within 30 business days.  This e-mail contains an Exam Payment link and instructions for pre-registering for the exam.  Individuals have a one year window from the application approval date to pre-register for the exam.  Applications are closed if the exam is not completed in the one year time frame.

Step Three

After pre-registering for the exam, candidates have up to 6 months from the date of pre-registration to take the exam.  Failure to complete the exam within the 6 month window will result in forfeiture of the fee.  Individuals can reschedule as often as they choose with no fee or penalty.  No rescheduling is allowed at 48 hours prior to the exam.  Please contact IC&RC if you have a qualifying event that may affect your appointment.

Within two weeks of pre-registering, an email is sent to the candidate from SMT/Prometrics with instructions for scheduling the exam.  It’s very important to check your spam filters as your pre-registration email may be missed.

Be sure to take the examination at a date and time that you’ve selected before the deadline of your testing window.
Exam candidates are given 3 hours to complete the examination.  Examination final scores are e-mailed immediately after testing.  Please be sure to check your spam filters. 

Step Four

Candidates who pass the exam will be licensed by the OCDP Board within 10-14 business days from the date of the exam. Candidates who fail the exam are required to wait 90 days before they are permitted to retest. Once the applicant is ready to retest, the exam may be rescheduled by paying the exam fee. 

Remediation Process: Individuals who fail the exam 3 times must complete a Remediation process before they are permitted to re-test. Individuals have up to one year from the date of the last exam to re-test. Failure to re-test in the one year window will result in closure of the current application. Individuals are then welcome to reapply at 



All examinations offered by the Board are computer based and available at a number of regional sites throughout Ohio and our border states. Most exam sites are open Monday - Saturday.


If an applicant needs to cancel or reschedule an examination they must contact the Board and pay the appropriate cancellation or rescheduling fees. Applicants who cancel or reschedule an exam at least five days before the exam will be assessed a $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee. Applicants who cancel or reschedule an exam less than five days prior to the exam will forfeit their examination fee.


Individuals who hold a license with an Ohio Board (with a scope to provide AOD services) that is comparable to the license they wish to apply for with the Chemical Dependency Board, may request a waiver of the examination process by completing an EXAMINATION WAIVER FORM and submitting it with their active license number.

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