Work Experience Verification for Prevention Certification to be completed by Supervisor online

Reporting Instructions in Elicense for OCDP Prevention Supervision

The online Reporting format is for eligible supervisors to submit the required prevention services work experience directly to the Chemical Dependency Professional Board through elicense platform for candidates who have applied for prevention certification.  You must be an approved supervisor under a scope of practice for the prevention services you are verifying for a candidate. See OAC 4758-6 Scope of Practice.

NOTE: Work hours should not be documented on any completed Certificate # such as the OCPSA, OCPS, or OCPC.  Also, Supervisors are unable to view and report on an application number (APP-#) for their supervisee if it is not in “SUBMITTED” (application fee paid in elicense) or “IN REVIEW” status.   

Work experience hours cannot be combined under different job descriptions or internships (even if worked at the same agencies under the same supervisor).  A separate supervision report must be completed for hours worked and/or core function experience for EACH job description and/or internship/practicum an applicant has held. 

  1. Go to and Log into your elicense account. (An instruction page is also referenced on the Elicense Portal)
  2. From the Dashboard on your license tile, click the OPTIONS button, then select the appropriate Prevention ReportNOTE: Certain OCDP and CSWMFT licenses can provide supervision for those applying for the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Prevention Certification depending on the scope of practice and the certification level for which the candidate is applying. 
  3. The Prevention Supervision or Prev.Admin Supervision Report (for OCPC applicants only) page displays depending on the one you’ve chosen.  In the box labeled Supervisee License # or Name, search for the OCDP candidate you supervised by entering their name or current application number given to the applicant in elicense when they applied. After you enter at least three characters, matching records will appear from which you can select the person you supervised.
  4. Read the instructions then click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.
  5. Complete the Prevention Supervision Report form then click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.
  6. If you are entering Domain Specific hours, each domain must contain an entry.  Enter a zero (0) in any areas where the applicant has not worked under your supervision. For OCPSA applicants –only 100 hours is needed so you may enter zero (0) in the percentage (%) of time worked area.  SAVE & CONTINUE.
  7. A page for submitting documents appears – attach a signed job description for the position the applicant held while under supervision.  Click the SAVE & CONTINUE button.
  8. An attestation pop up displays.  After reading the attestation, if you agree click the box and then click the SUBMIT button, otherwise click the CANCEL button.  Once the supervision report is submitted to the Board it is reviewed during the normal application review timeline, however, an e-mail is sent to the applicant immediately to their email in the elicense system summarizing the data from your report once submitted.