Master's Endorsement

Accreditation is an official Board endorsement of degree programs. Accreditation assures that persons entering the field of chemical dependency counseling have met the minimum requirements for formal education necessary for licensure. Accreditation assures that degree programs meet acceptable levels of standards and are applicable toward Board licensure. Accreditation by the Board may be included in the education institution's promotional material and provides programs greater ability to attract students interested in working in chemical dependency. In addition, students will be assured that the education they are pursuing will meet the formal education requirements for Board licensure. Accreditation represents an opportunity for the partnership of education institutions and the Board to assure high quality training.

Participating institutions will be required to follow a process of application, committee review and site visit evaluation. Each site visit will be conducted by a team of professionals trained to perform these evaluations. The visiting team will include members of the Education Committee, staff of the Board and regionally licensed professionals.

List of Accredited Master’s Degree Programs

Master's Degree Accreditation

The Board is launching Accreditation of Behavioral Science Masters Degree Programs as the first in a series of degree accreditations. The formal education requirement for our top level of licensed independent chemical dependency counselors (LICDC) is a Masters Degree in a qualified behavioral science degree program. In order to qualify, the Masters Degree program must include specific content areas and a specific number of contact hours.

Master's Degree Accreditation Manual & Application

Undergraduate Accreditation

The Board will begin work soon on Accreditation of Behavioral Science Bachelor's & Associate's Degree Programs.