Adoption of rules/methods of public service 
Combining with 4758-02 and 03 
Notice of Board Meetings 
Minutes of Board Meetings 
Definitions, abbreviations, and titles 
Expansion of “behavioral science’ degree definition and clarifying language  
Requirements for LCDCII 
Updated education content areas, 4 core functions, HB 5 additional track  
Requirements for LCDCIII 
Updated educational content areas, 4 core functions 
Requirements for LICDC 
HB509 update that allows removal of restrictive language and requirements,  
Requirements for LICDC-CS 
Updated and remove unnecessary requirements as a LICDC is required to apply 
Requirements for GAMB endorsement 
4 hours minimum in each content area 
Scope of Practice LCDCII 
Added family, added missing supervision 
Scope of Practice LICDC-CS 
Replace outdated link 
Procedures in Impairment Cases 
Added language
Confidential, non-disciplinary program 
Offering a safe haven program  
Continuing education requirements for CD counselors 
HB 509 changes to number of required CEUS for renewal 
Lapsed license and renewals 
HB509 changes, removes military license renewal as it is covered in 4758-17-02 
Active Duty Military, spouses and veterans  
Align with ORC 4743.041, combine 17-03 
Military application processing 
Spring 2023 Proposed Rule Changes – Summaries 
4658-1-01 , 4758-1-02 (rescind), 4758-1-03 (rescind) 
Combines 3 rules into one regarding Notice, Board meetings and Minutes. 
4748-2-01 Definitions, abbreviations, and titles 
Replaces term “chemical dependency” with updated “substance use disorder.” 
Defines Behavioral Science degree with certain degrees, expanded courses and decrease in semester hours from 27 – 24 course hours to meet the definition of a behavioral science degree to open pathway to more applicants to enter the field. 
Clarifies many terms used in board rules or application requirements. 
4758-3-01 Fees 
Removes renewal application fee for temporary Credential of Active-Duty Member Spouses to comply with 4743.041 
Changes term “accreditation” to “endorsement” 
Changes Senior Citizen status to Parttime 65 plus and adjusts fees, adjusts fees for conversion applications and registered applicant applications to cover increasing board costs for reviews and records.  
Simplifies continuing education approval fees including multi-sessions in one day and allows one determined set fee for approval of CDCA PRE and CDCA renewal coursework   
Adds fees for failed continuing education audits. 
Provides inactive, escrow status. 
Reorganization of all Rules around license requirements for consistency and clarity 
4758-5-03/ 04 Requirements for licensure of LCDCII/LCDCIII 
Reduces the 12 Core Functions to 4 categories of Core Functions to align with IC &RC 
Education specific content adjustments:  
Replaces “with addicted populations “ with “ as applied to those with substance use disorder “ 
Six hours specific to Medication Assisted Treatment/Recovery added to be within the required hours under Pharmacology  
Eliminates the twelve hours of Prevention Strategies and replaces with six hours of Relapse and Recovery Strategies 
Defines additional pathways to LCDCII license as approved by HB5 
 4758-5-05 Requirements for licensure of LICDC 
Removes the 40-hour master’s degree requirement as approved by HB509 
Allows for a master’s degree or higher in a behavioral science degree to meet the requirement  
Eliminates the requirement of Human Development, Research Methods/Statistics in masters coursework 
Allows for 3 graduate courses outside of the master’s degree to be used to meet masters education coursework requirements 
Allows those with a master’s degree in Substance Use Disorder/Addiction Counseling, Clinical Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Pediatrics Psychology or Social Work from an accredited program within an accredited school or university to waive the requirement to provide documentation of specific masters courses.  
4758-6-06 Requirements for the LICDC-CS 
Updated as a LICDC license is required first to be able to apply for the LICDC-CS 

 4758-6-03 Scope of Practice for LCDCII 
Clarifying by adding the word “family” to individual, group counseling as family counseling is a core function requirement for licensure.  
Adding missing license holders who can supervise a LCDCII as indicated in ORC 4758.561. 
4758-6-06 Scope of Practice for LICDC-CS 
Providing updated link to OHMHAS Chapter 5122- 29 for reference as old link no longer refers the rule.  
4758-11-02 Procedures in Impairment Cases 
Changing language to clarify what is needed by the board. 
4758-11-03 Confidential, non-disciplinary program (NEW) 
New rule to allow the CDP board to offer a confidential, non- disciplinary program for certificate/license holders and applicants with potential impairment issues either reported to the board or self-reported to the program. 
As long as participants are compliant with the program, the Board will be unaware of their case thus no disciplinary action will occur. 
4758-13-01 Continuing education requirements for CD counselors 
Passing of HB 509 with changes to number of CEUs required from 40 CEUS to 30 CEUS, or 20 if 65 or older IF no IC&RC reciprocal endorsement/certificate is held.  
 4758-13-05 Lapsed License and renewals 
Clarifies the CDCA PRE is not renewable 
Changes initial CDCA to CDCA preliminary to match the certificate name in elicense 
Changes the grace period from two years to one year due to passing of HB509. 
Removes language under military license renewal requirements as it is included under 4758-17-02 
4758-17-02 Active-Duty Military, spouses and veterans  
Align with ORC 4743.041 and combined with 17-03 
4758-17-03 Military application processing 
Rescind, combined with 17-02