Reciprocal Certificate Endorsement

For Prevention Professionals: A reciprocal certificate is automatically awarded when OCPS or OCPC certificates are granted.

For Chemical Dependency Counselors: Individuals who held an LCDC II, LCDC III, or LICDC on 3/22/13 automatically hold a reciprocal certificate. Individuals who received an LCDC II, LCDC III, LICDC or LICDC-CS after 3/22/13 and did not complete a Reciprocal Certificate Form at the time of their application can complete a RECIPROCAL CERTIFICATE APPLICATION and demonstrate they have met IC&RC standards to hold a reciprocal credential. This process need only be completed once and awards a reciprocal certificate for the duration the license is held. Once an individual holds a reciprocal certificate they can request reciprocity to another jurisdiction.

Individuals who hold a Reciprocal Certificate can also purchase a printed International certificate through IC&RC. An international certificate is directly tied to a professional's credential with their state board using the same expiration date used by the state board. If a state credential lapses so does the international certification.