Online Application Instructions

The Board no longer accepts paper applications. All applications must be completed online.  Make sure when you apply in elicense you type your name as it should appear on your wall certificate. Do not use all lower case letters or your wall certificate will print your name in all lower case letters.

Online applications are reviewed in the order of “date submitted”.  The review process can take up to 40 business days (excluding weekends & holidays) from the date of receipt due to the vast number of applications we receive.

**See the Forms and Requirements links for the license you wish to apply for under the CERTIFICATION AND LICENSURE menu**

Continuing Education:  Applicants applying for a Treatment credential must complete courses that are approved by the Board’s CEU approval process or another authorized CE entity. The education provider must reference the name and approval number for the formal approval body on the CE certificates.  College or University courses may also be used to meet the education requirements but do not need to be pre-approved by the Board or another authorized entity. 


To apply for a certificate, license or endorsement with the Board:

  1. Visit the Treatment, Conversion, Endorsement and/or Prevention tabs under Certification and Licensure to obtain all documents (forms) needed to complete the application.
  2. Gather all of your CEU education and/or order your official transcripts, fill out the required education grid. (official transcripts can not be uploaded in elicense, they must come directly to the Board from your College or University. The application will request you to upload a transcripts, please upload a document stating your transcripts are ordered.If you are required to send a transcript please send to the TRANSCRIPTS ONLY E-Mail or by mail.)
  3. Supervisors will complete work experience verification, including counseling core functions(TX) or prevention domain work experience (PREV), on-line in elicense AFTER you have applied and paid in elicense and give them your APP number.  They can NOT submit on a CURRENT license or certificate you hold. see instructions * Currently the online elicense system will not let applicants bypass the work experience attachment areas when completing an application.  Please upload a "blank" document in areas requiring work experience attachments in elicense (i.e. supervisor reference form, practical experience form, and job description) We are working to make these attachment areas optional in the application process for our Ohio applicants.  We apologize for this inconvenience
  4. Make sure your supervisor has a signed job description covering the time period they provided supervision. (your supervisor will upload this when they complete the supervision online forms.  Again, once you are given an APP number , provide that APP number to your supervisor(s) to complete their supervision reports online in elicense. NOTE:  #3 and #4 IS NOT APPLICABLE FOR CDCA AND RA APPLICATIONS  
  5. Navigate to the e-License Portal. The e-License Portal is most compatible with Google Chrome or the latest version of other internet browsers. 
  6. Register/Login to your Dashboard and select the "Apply for a New License" link.
  7. You will be required to upload and attach all required forms. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ/VIEW ALL OF THE MATERIAL THOROUGHLY.
  8. You will be required to pay the $50 application fee ($35 if you are converting from an LCDC II, LCDC III or an OCPS to a higher license/certificate).
  9. It can take up to 40 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to process applications.
  10. Once a license/certificate is approved, you will be EMAILED your certificate and an ID wallet card to the email provided in your e-license portal.  Please check  your clutter or spam folder if you have not received after the application processing timeframe of 40 business days. ( if you have criminal justice history, the application review can take an additional 14 business days).   The email will come from a noreply email of 
    You may also download your certificate by logging into your elicense portal with your email and password, scroll down to the credential and click options button, choose “download certificate” and print it out.

PLEASE NOTE:  All continuing education must be approved by the Board's CEU approval process or another authorized entity.