Meet Our Board Members

The Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board (OCDP Board) is a 13-member board, of which 12 members are appointed by the Governor. The 13th member is a designee from ODADAS who will serve as an ex-officio member. Members consist of four individuals eligible for the LICDC, two individuals eligible for the LCDC III, one individual eligible for the LCDC II, two individuals certified in prevention as an OCPS I or II, one doctor authorized to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery and has experience practicing in a field related to chemical dependency counseling, and two members of the general public.

Board members serve three-year terms and cannot be reappointed after two consecutive full terms. Board responsibilities include: regulating the licensure and certification process, issuing and renewing licenses and certificates, investigating ethical complaints, approving educational coursework, and acting as a catalyst for positive change in the field.

Each year, four seats on the OCDP Board are open for appointment or re-appointment. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the OCDP Board can submit an application to the Governor's Office ATTN: Boards & Commissions.


Current members are:


Trisha Farrar:  Prevention Committee Chair (Term Expiration: 12/23/20)


Alex Bishara: Board Treasurer (Term Expiration: 12/23/20)

Wendy Haynes-Britton: Board Chair (Term Expiration: 12/23/20)


Andrew Moss:  Board Vice-Chair (Term Expiring 12/23/2021)

Maximino Cortes: Ethics Committee Chair (Term Expiration: 12/23/19)

Gregory Hogg:  Education Committee Co-Chair (Term Expiration: 12/23/19)

John Lisy:  Treatment Committee Chair (Term Expiration:  12/23/19)

OCPS I or II Seats

Debra Thompson:  Education Committee Co-Chair (Term Expiration: 12/23/19)

Philip Atkins: Prevention Committee Member (Term Expiration:  12/23/21)

Physician Seat


Public Member Seats

Jim Mermis:  Treatment Committee Member  (Term Expiring:  12/23/2021)


Ex-Officio Seat

Joyce Starr: OMHAS Ex-Officio Member