Online Renewal Process

*For those who renewals are between March 9, 2020 and Dec 1, 2020 , please see the information posted on our website under the COIVD-19 Tab/Renewals 


Continuing Education: Licensees applying for Treatment Renewals must complete courses that are approved by the Boards CEU approval process or another authorized CE entity.  The education provider must reference the name and approval number for the formal approval body on the CE certificate.

Colleges or University courses may also be used to meet the education requirements (copy of transcript required) but do not need to be pre-approved by the Board or another authorized entity.

The CDCA PRE and RA are not renewable, if you choose to continue practicing you must apply for the next License level.  

NOTE-There is no education grid required for a renewal. (CDCA Preliminary, RA are not renewable) 

To renew a certification/license follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the e-License Portal. The e-License Portal is most compatible with Google Chrome or the latest version of other internet browsers.
  2. Register/Login to your Dashboard. Use the Renewal Application Instructions as needed.
  3. Answer the renewal questions. Be sure all your continuing education is completed before you renew. You can load and track your continuing education through CE Broker. Please note:  there is no education grid required for a renewal. (CDCA Preliminary, RA are not renewable) 
  4. You will be required to attest that you have completed your renewal continuing education hours, however the Board does not require you to upload these documents at the time of renewal. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE REQUIRED CONTINUING EDUCATION PRIOR TO RENEWING.  You must keep these documents available for a period of five years. If you are chosen for an audit the Board will request copies of your renewal documentation. 
  5. Enter your payment, print your receipt and your renewal is complete. You will receive a renewal approval email with updated wallet card.
  6. Verify the status of your license anytime in your portal dashboard.




  • Forty (40) hours of field related continuing education is required
  • Six (6) hours must be chemical dependency specific
  • Three (3) hours must be in ethics
  • Individuals who hold the renewable Gambling credential must show six (6) hours of gambling specific education. 
  • Individuals who hold the LICDC-CS credentials must also show six (6) hours of education in Clinical Supervision topics




INACTIVE STATUS POLICY (for active licenses only)

Individuals holding an active license/certificate may choose to inactivate their credential by requesting Short Term (up to 6 months) or Long Term (up to 5 years) inactive status by completing a Service Request - Special Request in the e-License Portal and paying the $15 Inactive Status Fee.  A license may be renewed at any time while the license is inactive (after completing the 40 education hours for renewal).   Individuals that are on Inactive Status are still subject to the code of ethics as defined in rules 4758-8-01 to 4758-8-03.  Individuals may not work under an inactive certificate/license.

SPECIAL NOTE: The license will be inactivated “immediately” when the inactive request is processed.



Fees are non-refundable.

Standard Renewal fee


Late Renewal fee*


Renewal fee for dual status (both CD and Prevention renewable levels)

$100 per credential

Late Renewal fee for dual status*

$125 per credential

Senior citizen renewal fee (60 years of age, 20 hours or less per week)


Late Senior citizen renewal fee


Short Term or Long Term Inactive Status


*Renewals are considered late if they are submitted after the individual's expiration date.


The Board randomly audits ten percent of all renewal applications received. Audit notices are typically sent three months following a renewal period. Individuals selected as part of this random audit process are required to compile and submit verification of the educational hours used for their renewal. Verification may include copies of certificates of attendance, transcripts and/or letters of completion. Once this material is reviewed and approved by the Board, individuals will be issued a correspondence indicating that the audit was successfully completed. Since the audit process is random, individuals may be selected for audit multiple times.