PLEASE NOTE:  All CEU's submitted with a Treatment credential renewal must be approved by the Board's CE Approval Process or by another approving entity.  College and University courses are not required to receive preapproval to be used for renewal purposes.  

The CDCA PRELIMINARY is not renewable, if you choose to continue practicing you must submit a new application for the CDCA.  

Individuals selected as part of the random audit process are required to compile and submit verification of the educational hours used for their renewal. Renewal audits are processed through the CE Broker system. When an audit request is received individuals will log their completed continuing education (CE) courses and upload verification using their CE Broker account. Acceptable verification of CE may include copies of certificates of attendance and/or college transcripts. Letters of completion from the CE provider may be accepted if the letter includes the title, date and hours of the training completed.

Once this information is loaded into CE Broker it will be reviewed and approved by the Board. If approved, individuals will be issued a correspondence indicating that the audit was successfully completed. Individuals who cannot show completion of the required hours for renewal will receive a failed audit notice and will be referred to the Board for ethics violations.