Online Application Status/Explanation

The Table below defines the online statuses that appear on the E-license Portal in reference to your applications or licenses.


Online Application Status Explanation
ONLINE APPLICATION STATUS                                                                 EXPLANATION                                                                                                            

 A certificate/license has been issued.  Check your e-mail for Certificate/ID Card

 The most recent Certificate or ID can also be printed from the Options Tab on your license.
 CLOSED / (no sub-status)  Application is permanently closed.
 CLOSED / ABANDONED  Application reviewed but not completed within a one year time frame
 CLOSED / WITHDRAWN  Application not completed.  No payment received.
 GENERATE FEE  Contact the Board immediately.   This application status must be researched if your payment has been made.    
 IN REVIEW / (no sub-status)  The credential documentation review is complete, but the application is pending background information review.  
 IN REVIEW / ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  An e-mail has been sent to the applicant requesting additional information to continue the review.  Additional information reviews can take up to 10-14 Business days from receipt of documentation.
 IN REVIEW/ CONDITIONAL APPROVAL  This application is approved and a license will be issued on the condition that the applicant passes the test.  The applicants’ name is forwarded to IC&RC they will receive an exam pre-registration e-mail from IC&RC within 10-14 business days.
 INACTIVE / ESCROW  Renewable Certificate or License is in short term or long-term Inactive status.  Individuals cannot work or practice under the license while it is in inactive status.
 INACTIVE / EXPIRED  Individuals can still renew in this status if within 2 years of their license expiration date.  (Except CDCA-Pre and RA licenses) 
 PENDING  The Board has not received application payment.  This application is not yet in line for review.
 SUBMITTED  Application payment was received by the Board and the application has been moved to be reviewed in order by the date of receipt.  The application review process can take up to 40 business days due to the vast number of applications we receive.